Exploring the Unexplored – Nagaon

For my Monsoon getaway this year, I decided to go to a place that remains untouched by flocks of tourists and the chaos that comes with it. So I decided to visit the beach villages of Nagaon & Korlai , often called the Shy cousins of the Tourist filled town of Alibaug.

Nagaon is located at a distance of 110 kms from Mumbai. It takes around 3 hours to reach Nagaon. The most noteworthy thing about the trip is the sheer beauty of the Journey itself. The plush greenery everywhere is simply breathtaking & the rains just make everything all the more beautiful.





IMG_7349The Nagaon village has retained much of its old world charm. The village is beautiful, serene & pollution free.


DSC00499We rented a Cottage for the duration of our trip . The Cottage in itself was beautiful. I will have an entire blog post dedicated to it in the coming week.


The Beach of Nagaon are so Pristine. They are lined with Suru trees, which give them a beautiful, ethereal look. The beach is usually not very crowded except for the locals during Monsoon making it an ideal place for solitude lovers. This is nature at is purest best. However you may find it a little more crowded during normal months. But again not as crowded as Alibaug.

In terms of accomodation, Nagaon has plenty of options. However the most popular one is staying with the locals. There is an abundance of B & b options. Also many number of cottages are available on rent for reasonable rates. You can check out http://www.tripadvisor.in for more options.

Nagaon is heaven for Sea food lovers. Most B & B’s serve really delicious sea food of your choice. You have to only inform them of what you wish to eat a day in advance.

Monsoon is an ideal time to visit ย Nagaon if you wish to enjoy the weather, have amazing food and spend time relaxing. However if you are into exploring the nearby Forts and are into Beach activities November to April might be a better time for you to visit.. Activities like Water sports are shut down during the Monsoon & Trekking becomes risky during Monsoon and is not encouraged during this time of the year.

If you are looking for a relatively Unexplored Destination for your Monsoon trip or a lazy trip with friends and family over the weekend, Nagaon is a wonderful option.

4 thoughts on “Exploring the Unexplored – Nagaon

  1. This is a welcome step. I guess people would be happy to see you in there village. Whenever some new person visits a place and spreads it to the world, it indirectly motivates them to see beyond their daily lives and live their lives on a wider perspective.
    Nice post ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Thank you, I am glad you liked the post. That is exactly what I wish to do through my blog, give my readers a glimpse of the beautiful unexplored places and witness a whole new world.

      Liked by 1 person

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