Living Through The Lens

Living Through the Lens

We are a self proclaimed Selfie crazed generation! Every beautiful place we visit, its almost out of instinct we grab our cameras to try & capture the perfect image or click that perfect selfie!

I have to admit, I am no different from the rest.

Being a Travel Blogger I have my focus on taking that perfect picture as well.

However, I realized during my trip to Thailand, when we were visiting this beautiful garden. It had the most gorgeous flowers, fountains & butterflies!

However, instead of enjoying the greenery or taking the time to appreciate the beauty with which mother nature had graced the place, most of us were busy clicking pictures! Click Click Click everywhere!

For me, that was then I realized that many times when we travel, we almost, all the time, live through the lens! May it be the lens of our camera or of our phones! We are just in the mad craze of capturing everything, everywhere. We forget that the place where beauty can be best captures is in our minds as memories!

I did not click many pictures in that garden from that point on & have very few images of that beautiful place.

I could not post a lot of images o n my blog, just a few & you know what? Its okay, because I have the images of the most gorgeous flowers, fountains & butterflies in my mind.

I just want to say to you guys, take in the beauty, appreciate it, really look at it. Lets enjoy the experience exclusively for sometime. I am not saying don’t take images at all. But don’t let your travel be all about image taking.

You might lose Images from your camera or your phone, but never the ones from your mind & memories.


Arpita xo

16 thoughts on “Living Through The Lens

  1. so happy to read this post Arpita. I sometimes get so caught up in the moment that I ‘forget’ to take pictures and then I feel so guilty of not having it to share, but now that I have read this post I realize I don’t always have to be capturing everything.


  2. Last year we visited one of the most scenic hill-stations in southern India – Kodaikanal (Tamilnadu); As usual, I was busy clicking snaps and was also planning to post them once we return to hometown. That’s when my dear wife reminded me that our primary aim of the trip was rejuvenation by being closer to nature; and that the digi-lens was leading to isolation.
    From that very instant, I realized that all the time I had almost neglected the soothing breeze flowing across the Nilgiris even in the hot summer. I drew in the refreshing fragrance in deep breathes for next few minutes. I sensed that Megapixels of my Digi-cam could not bring back the joy.
    Playing with my daughter in the pine forests was such a blissful experience. Agree with you that capturing the soulful moments can only be achieved with the unbeatable gadget created by God – The Mind!


    1. We get so much into the Digital that we forget to have the Human experience. Thank you for sharing your experience. I am glad you had a similar realization when you were in the moment so you could really enjoy the rest of your experience in the Nilgiris.

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