Traveling on a Budget?

We all dream of traveling the world. However, traveling these days is not exactly cheap. This is especially true when it comes to the big cities. So how does one fulfill ones dream of traveling, yet not burn a hole in ones pocket? Stay tuned, as in this post I talk about ways you can make the most out of your travel on a limited Budget.

Plan Ahead


It always helps to plan ahead of time. Start at least 6 months prior to your intended time of travel .You stand a chance of getting better deals when it comes to Flights,  Train tickets, accommodation etc among other things which in itself will save you a lot of money.

Do not travel during the Peak Season

The costs of traveling during the Peak season will always be double of what you would pay normally. Avoid traveling during vacations or summer holidays as the prices are greatly escalated during that time & most places will be crowded. Instead opt for Off season travel. You tend to get a good discount at most places. Sometimes you will end up paying only half of what you normally would have paid during the Tourist Season.

Exchange Value

Choose destinations where the currency of your country has a greater exchange value. That way you will have the advantage of having a larger budget than you would have, if you traveled to a country where the currency of your country has lower exchange value.

Choosing the Destination

Traveling on a Budget?

Instead of traveling to the big cities where the cost of living is high. You can opt for a smaller cities which are equally beautiful, but lesser expensive. Honestly, it is your choice of destination which greatly determines the amount of money you will be spending. So why not travel to a place which is beautiful & offers almost everything in terms of a holiday destination? Its all about the research.

Opt for Hostels instead of Hotels

If Hotels are on the more expensive side where you are traveling to. Why not opt for the Hostels? You will save a lot of money & chances are you might meet like minded people who can be your travel companions as well. These days the demands for hostels are getting increasingly popular especially among solo travelers & people who would rather spend money elsewhere than on living expenses. Also some hostels these days offer great services state of art services at more affordable rates than Hotels. Again it depends on the place you are traveling to. In certain countries, Hotels are not on a very expensive side. All again comes down to your choice of Holiday destination.


Rather than opting to eat at big restaurants why not go for the local eating joints. Explore the Local food markets & enjoy the street food! You can not only taste local flavors, but it will also save you some money.

Take the Free Walking tours


Most cities offer free Walking tours of cities. It is the best way to explore a city & it its free! Honestly, nothing turns a destination into a home like exploring it on foot. Most Walking tours are organised by Locals who know the city well. Its am amazing way to get to know about the Local culture from somebody who is a part of it. Here is a list of Free Walking tours in cities across the World

Explore the Museums, Art Galleries & Churches

Entry to most Museums & Art Galleries is free & even if they charge you, its rarely very high. Its an amazing way to browse through the history of a particular place & learn about its culture! Again it is cost effective!


Churches are one of my favorite things to visit whenever I am traveling to any city. The architecture & painting is unique for every church & most cities have churches that have been a part of their heritage for many centuries. Again Entry to Churches are free!

Explore the Local markets

There is nothing like exploring the Local markets to really get a feel of the place & get an insight into the local culture. Local markets are great places to get bargain deals on fabrics to handicrafts & buy souvenirs to take back home . Again it wont cost you as much as buying them at the shopping malls. You can also try the Local food at its authentic best for really low prices.


Visit the Gardens & Parks

Every place has its own Parks & gardens. They are such great places to spend time & unwind. Parks are excellent places to spend a lazy afternoon at. Why not pack your lunch, grab a book & have yourself a lovely picnic!

Enjoy the Beaches

For me the most amazing vacations are near the Beaches. You always have options that suit various budgets & spending time at a Beach is free. Whether you spend time in the water during the day or enjoy a beautiful sunset, Its not going to cost you.

Take the Local transport

Local Transport

Always get a map of the place you are traveling to if you don’t have a GPS. Take the local transport instead of hiring a car or cab. Not only will it save you a lot of money but will also familiarize you with the place. You can opt for a full day transport card that most cities offer. For a specific amount of money you can use the local transport as many times as you want! It works out really well.

Make friends with Locals

The Locals can help you with recommending the best places to eat, the best route to reach a particular place & accommodations the are within your budget. However be careful with who you trust!

You see a lot of good things in life are free. Keep the above things in mind before & during  your travel & you can have yourself that holiday you have always wanted to take!

If you have any more ideas, do leave them in the comments down below!



13 thoughts on “Traveling on a Budget?

  1. Hi Arpita, these are some great tips. I have only traveled inside the country as of now but do plan to visit some of the places on my bucket list like – Rome, Venice etc
    I’m glad that the hostel culture is picking up in India as well. I just returned from a trip to Varkala in Kerala and stayed at a hostel for very cheap and got to meet cool fellow travelers from abroad too. 🙂


    1. It works out really cheap with Hostels & eating Locally since that’s where we spend most of our money. Am sure the tips work equally when it comes to foreign countries. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


  2. I’m not very original, but this worked for me:

    – Buy food from the local shops instead of going to the cafes/restaurants/fast foods.

    – Hot countries usually have free drinking water distribution points, so you don’t have to buy it.

    – If you have one-night stopover, you can sleep in the fastfoods like Burger King or Mc Donalds instead of spending money on the hotel – worked fine for me and for some of my friends.

    – Poor countries have better taxi rates at the prepaid stall in the airport (rather than the taxist guys would ask from you).

    – Going by buses is always cheaper than going by the airplanes.

    – You can collect miles in loyality programmes so that you can “recycle” your flights.

    – Travelling with 2-3 friends reduces expenses, because usually the price for the room in the hotel/hostel costs approximately the same for one and for more persons.

    – If you travel to some major city (like Rome or Paris), you can get much cheaper accomodation if you stay in one of the adjacent cities or villages within 20-50 minutes of travelling by train or bus.

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    1. I think these are some amazing points! I had no idea, you could sleep in the fast foods! In India as well, we have the prepaid taxis at airports. They are cheaper & also safe!


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