Paris is always a Good Idea!!

In the month of April this year, I went on a trip across Europe. It has been on my wish list ever since I was a young girl & saw the picture of Eiffel Tower in one of the magazines. The numerous travel shows I would watch over the years, only increased the desire to go there some day & see it in person.

At the beginning of the year, I decided to take the trip of a lifetime, the Euro Trip & the first city I visited was Paris.

It is like I always imagined it to be & more. It is one of the most romantic cities like they claim, but this city is like a dream & enchants any traveler who comes to its shores. I spent 2 days here & walked around the city like I always wanted to! I did capture a lot of beautiful images on my camera & I am leaving a video link for the same.

My suggestion to anyone traveling to Paris is carry good walking shoes & explore the city on foot or via one of the many hop on hoop off buses available. Have your lunch at one of the many available cafe’s & sit down & enjoy the city as it goes about doing its thing. Its an experience of  lifetime.

If Paris is one of your dream destinations, make it happen. It will be worth it.

If you have any memories of Paris, or have a Parisian story to share, leave it in the comments section down below.

See you around,


Arry 🙂


National Library of Bhutan,Thimpu.


The National Library of Bhutan was established at Thimpu, Bhutan in the year 1967. It was under the patronage of Her Majesty Queen Ashi Phuntso Choden that the library opened with a collection of precious books within the central tower Tashichodzhong. But due to growth in the number of Books, the library had to be moved elsewhere.

The Royal Government of Bhutan built a spacious four storeyed building to house this growing collection in the year 1984. It was then that the library moved into its permanent home.

Since the building had to house sacred traditional books, it was consecrated as a temple by His Highness Khyentse Rinposhe.

National Library Building

The National Library is home to all past, present, future documents of Bhutan. From Old Letters, Pictures, Traditional Texts & old & valued Books & Manuscripts.

Bhutanese Traditional Texts
Shrine within the Library

Most of the Traditional texts of Bhutan are kept folded in colored cloth. A lot of the texts have been written on them as well. If you have seen the Traditional Buddhist Prayer Flags, you will have an idea of what I am talking about.

More Traditional texts from the Library

Outside the Library, you have the most amazing flowers, which were in full bloom when we visited! Somehow there is beauty wherever you look in Bhutan. Gorgeous Flora, Fauna, The majestic mountains, Cloud formations, everywhere.


The most amazing part about my visit to the Library was, seeing the effort the Bhutanese are making towards preserving their culture, tradition & heritage. They have retained texts that are a hundred years old & preserved them for the future generations to come. It was really nice to see that. The Library is a lovely place to visit to see how well the culture & tradition is preserved.

That’s all for now, See you in the next Post!

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Happy 1st Blog Anniversary!

‘ArpitasTravelogue’ turns One today!

Thank for your Likes.

Thank You for your Comments.

Thank you for your Suggestions.

Thank you for your Award Nominations.

Thank you for your Follows.

Thank you for your Friendship.

Thank you for your Time.

Thank you for your Support.

But Most of all Thank you for the Love.

I am Forever Grateful!


Have a Dream & a Coffee Can!

A post from my Personal Blog which might resonate with you, my Fellow Travelers! I would love to hear your coffee can stories! Do drop a line in the comments section!

I personally believe that so important to have a Dream. Something you wish to do, wish to have, wish to experience. Something that keeps you going in life.

My dream ever since I was a child was always Traveling around the world.

pexels-photo-large (1)

When I was 7, my Mom got a Game for me that came with a World Map & a Couple of knowledge cards. The whole purpose of the GAME was to help me improve my knowledge of the world ( Life of an Asian Kid! ) It involved 2 players. The first had to point out a place on the map & the second player had to ask a Question relating to the place from the Knowledge cards & vice-versa. The player that got the most correct answers would win!

I would play by the rules with my mom & dad but my childhood best pal Nikita & I…

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Dear Fellow Travelers!


From my family to yours, here’s wishing you a Very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! May all good things come your way & May you travel to every place on your Bucketlist .

May you find joy & a friend in every country you visit & come across Beautiful sunrises, oceans & seas!

May you never lose you sense of wonder & wanderlust!

May you always Believe in miracles & never ever give up on your dreams!

Here’s to many more adventures!

All my love,


Postcard from Bhutan!

Dear (insert your name here),

The past few days here in Bhutan have been completely ethereal. I cannot even begin to describe the beauty of this tiny Himalayan Kingdom. The Mountains, Valleys, Monasteries, each seem to gain a life of its own.

The people are so simple, friendly & lead such simple lives. I am extremely happy to explore the ‘Happiest Place in the World’!! There are so many pictures to share & so many stories to tell. But they will have to wait till I get back.

Till then, enjoy your postcard from Bhutan!