What’s in my In-flight Hand Bag?

This year has officially become ‘My Year Of Travel’. I have had to take so many long flights over the past few months, that I have realized what things I most need with me on board.
This is the single most important thing for obvious reasons. Along with my passport I also like to keep a few copies of the same, just to be safe. I have a case for my passport, like the one in the image above, to keep it safe & also have some money in it, as emergency cash.
I have my money, Credit/Debit cards in my wallet. I prefer to have smaller wallets that don’t occupy much space and prefer the ones with a lot of card slots. My wallet is one thing that I generally don’t leave my house without.
I think the iPhone is a multi-utility device. I use it listen to music, make notes, edit photos and even read books on.I make sure I charge it completely before leaving for a long flight, since I use it so extensively. I also carry a power bank in case I need to charge my phone if it runs out of battery.
I always always have headphones on me, no matter if its a long flight or a 20 minutes journey. I normally use the ones that comes with iPhone but for flight I prefer to get better ones. It is especially useful if you have a noisy group of travelers with you, its helped me on several occasions.
I am an avid reader & prefer e-books to Paperbacks on Board. So kindle travels with me almost every time I am travelling, in-flight or otherwise.
As soon as I get comfortably settled in the flight, I prefer taking my shoes off, so Socks some in pretty handy.
Neck Pillow
For long flights this is a life saver or should I say Neck saver! instead of leaning in every direction & finding a perfect spot to rest your head, a neck pillow is always a better option.
It gets pretty chilly in the flight sometimes, so a scarf is a must have for me. It keeps me warm & I can use it to tie my hair up otherwise. It occupies lesser space as compared to a Jacket/Cardigan.
Facial Mist
The cool atmosphere at Airports & in the flight makes my skin really dry, so a facial mist is a must for me. It keeps my skin from drying out. Kiehl has a special In-flight refreshing facial mist. It is my personal favorite.
Lip balm
Again for because of the cool temperature inside the flight, for moisturizing my lips. I don’t really wear make up while travelling, I prefer letting my skin breathe. So its only lip balm that makes its way to my In-flight bag.
For blocking the sun-rays out, keeping my hair in place to shielding my tired eyes after a long flight. My shades do it all.
For capturing every beautiful moment, place forever.
These are my Travel essentials, I would love to hear about yours!
Happy travelling!

27 thoughts on “What’s in my In-flight Hand Bag?

  1. Did you say facial mist? Is that the reason why I age with every flight while wifey doesn’t? Thanks for this enlightening post. I am totally sold on the idea of scarves and socks too.

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  2. Check list to have in mind when I travel sometime 😀 (in the very, very, very distant future 😦 ) Haha it’s hard to travel since i’m still a student but hopefully I’ll have more time to do so! 😛

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    1. Hi!
      The only travelling I did when I was a student was taking very frequent trips to the Mall 😉 Its only when I started working that the travelling has begun. Buy hey, you can always dream & make lists of places I wanted to see & things I wanted to do! That’s what i did 🙂

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      1. Right now I’m a “Math & Science” major but when I transfer to the university I’ll be pursuing a Biochemistry degree 🙂

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      2. I’ve always found that if you want to make something happen you can! It takes determination to make certain things a priority. If travel is a priority then it will happen 🙂 But no matter how you want to spend your time it is worth it. I am also an avid traveler 🙂 Love it so very much.

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      3. I completely agree with you. If you want something you have to make it happen. Its always great to meet a fellow avid traveler! 🙂


  3. Hey Arpita 🙂

    Very useful information presented beautifully.
    I just found a typo in the socks section. Please check. 🙂

    I wish you a wonderful week.

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