Exploring the Unexplored 2 – Korlai

Korlai is a small fishing village located around 15 kms away from Nagaon & around 130 kms away from Mumbai. Korlai village is located on the slopes of the Konkan range, with the Arabian Sea to its west & Revdanda back waters to its east.

The residents of Korlai are Indians born out of Indo-Portugese ancestors. they speak a unique language which is a Luso-Indian Portugese Creole called Kristi. Korlai is also home to an abandoned Fort built by the The Portuguese in 1521 to establish their dominance over the Indian Coastline.

There are no Hotels or B &B’s around, one has to either stay at Nagaon or Revdanda which are the closest to Korlai.

The Beach at Korlai is extremely beautiful & clean. Being  unexplored has its advantages. there was not a soul in sight when I visited. It was like being on your own private beach.

The Fishing Village
Korlai Fort built by the Portugese
The village area around the coast line
Tiny Boats used for Fishing

Korlai is a beautiful place for a one day getaway. The beach is pristine and beautiful. A beautiful beach hidden away from the eye of your everyday tourist. There is a certain charm of the unexplored for sure .

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