An Evening by the Sea..

This is one of those Throwback Posts. Last month was extremely hectic work wise for me. So one weekend my friends and I decided to take a break and unwind from our crazy schedules.

One of the best thing about living in Mumbai is the easy access it offers to the Arabian Sea. And I am a complete lover of all water bodies – Rivers, Lakes, Oceans, take me anywhere near them, and I am one happy girl. They always have a very soothing effect on me. So when it came to picking a spot to hang out we decided on Worli Sea Face.

I always enjoy the Sea Face experience. Hanging out, watching the waves, having Nariyal Pani (Coconut water) and just spending time chatting with friends is like a zen time for me.

Needless to say this time was no different. It was a lot of fun. Then again time with your closest friends is always the best time spent.

An evening by the sea




7 thoughts on “An Evening by the Sea..

  1. Thanks yar for posting picture n beautiful writing… I miss my mumbai so much .. I love beaches.. here in pointe noire I do go beaches every weekend but mumbai is mumbai ..


  2. It’s a nice post. Beaches have a soothing effect on me as well. I have visited some beaches in Chennai and Mahabalipuram and found them to be exquisite. Thanks Arpita 🙂


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