Nong Nooch Pottery Garden.

Nong Nooch is a beautiful tropical botanical garden spread across 500 acres of land in the Chonburi Province of Thailand. The area is like a theme park & is divided into various sections . You have species specific gardens like Cactus, Bonsai, Orchids Tropical Palms on one hand & on the other hand you have an area dedicated to performances like Traditional Thai dances, Elephant shows etc. You can spend an entire day in this place & really have a good time.

The place that stood out for me however & really fascinated me was the area right at the entrance of the Nong Nooch garden – The Pottery Garden. Thousands of clay pots & figurines are arranged together & they look very interesting. Have a look.






10 thoughts on “Nong Nooch Pottery Garden.

  1. I love pottery, but am just not creative enough to make a nice one 😐
    Didn’t know there’s such a beautiful place in Thailand. Thanks for sharing 😃

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  2. What an amazing garden Nong Nooch must be! The pottery in the garden is absolutely delightful. Thank you for your post and great pictures, giving readers like me the chance to discover such a charming place. I enjoyed your other posts and photos, too. Thank you for following my blog, too. Namaste.


      1. Thank you, I am glad you liked the post. i will be posting about the Cultural part of the garden. The thing is, since I was travelling with a Guided Tour, we were not able to explore the entire garden, Just parts of it. The emphasis for us was on the cultural performance. A drawback of guided tours.


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