Chao Phraya River Cruise.

One of the things not to be missed while you are in Bangkok – Thailand is the dinner cruise on the Chao  Phraya River. Chao Phraya River is one of the main rivers of Thailand. It flows along the city and runs eventually into the Gulf of Thailand.

The 2 hour Dinner cruise is the best way to enjoy the Brightly lit up Bangkok in the evening.

The most amazing thing is that before the Cruise comes along the waterfront from where the cruise can be boarded. The staff on the first tier of the Cruise performs a welcome dance for you. That’s like so cool.


There are two options for seating. either the ground part or the First tier. We were seated on the Ground Tier.

Once you get one Board, and are seated, they serve you welcome drinks. The cruise then moves along slowly so you can enjoy the beautifully lit Bangkok or head to the deck where you can enjoy the beautiful breeze.


The main attraction along the river Chao Phraya is Wat Arun, the Temple of dawn that was built during the 17th Century.


There is also live performances on the Cruise & amazing food is served. If you’ve not tasted Thai food before, this is your chance.


Do spend some time on the deck. The breeze, the river & the view are to die for. I highly recommend taking this River Cruise. The Cruise is a perfect setting for a romantic date night too! And I highly recommend it for couples, especially the top tier. The evening cruise starts around 7. You can check with the hotel you are staying at. Some hotels have a pick up facility to head towards the water front.

This is an experience, not to be missed.

24 thoughts on “Chao Phraya River Cruise.

  1. Having been in the royal navy not one for going to sea, but yes going along a river on a boat with the cool breeze lovely. I was many years ago on holiday in Miami and was in a rooftop disco, my girlfriend and I went out onto the balcony, yes it was hot, but the view was quite stunning. To look over Miami and see the river we crossed to go to a cafe for breakfast, it was quite amazing .


      1. I think a lot of people don’t make the effort to explore their cities like tourists do. So when your non-native friend visits and asks for recommendations…you don’t have a lot to offer haha.
        Or maybe that’s just me :/.


      1. Hi Arpita,

        Bali has always been my favorite destination as its vibrant and has its own charm. People are so good so are the food here (for a vegan). Thinking of going to Africa Ethiopia or Madagascar or South Africa by the end of the month. Hope your are enjoying Thailand too. Cheers and Happy Travelling.



  2. This is so wonderfully written and I love how you have managed to take such beautiful photos despite the low light. Whenever I go to Bangkok I am taking this cruise and its because it was your recommendation!!!


    1. The thing is, I was travelling with family & a group a friends. So had a range of photos to choose from. Uploaded the best ones I had. It is a beautiful experience. Where were you seated?


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