National Library of Bhutan,Thimpu.


The National Library of Bhutan was established at Thimpu, Bhutan in the year 1967. It was under the patronage of Her Majesty Queen Ashi Phuntso Choden that the library opened with a collection of precious books within the central tower Tashichodzhong. But due to growth in the number of Books, the library had to be moved elsewhere.

The Royal Government of Bhutan built a spacious four storeyed building to house this growing collection in the year 1984. It was then that the library moved into its permanent home.

Since the building had to house sacred traditional books, it was consecrated as a temple by His Highness Khyentse Rinposhe.

National Library Building

The National Library is home to all past, present, future documents of Bhutan. From Old Letters, Pictures, Traditional Texts & old & valued Books & Manuscripts.

Bhutanese Traditional Texts
Shrine within the Library

Most of the Traditional texts of Bhutan are kept folded in colored cloth. A lot of the texts have been written on them as well. If you have seen the Traditional Buddhist Prayer Flags, you will have an idea of what I am talking about.

More Traditional texts from the Library

Outside the Library, you have the most amazing flowers, which were in full bloom when we visited! Somehow there is beauty wherever you look in Bhutan. Gorgeous Flora, Fauna, The majestic mountains, Cloud formations, everywhere.


The most amazing part about my visit to the Library was, seeing the effort the Bhutanese are making towards preserving their culture, tradition & heritage. They have retained texts that are a hundred years old & preserved them for the future generations to come. It was really nice to see that. The Library is a lovely place to visit to see how well the culture & tradition is preserved.

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20 thoughts on “National Library of Bhutan,Thimpu.

  1. Absolutely beautiful library and I enjoyed reading your post about the history of the place. You are a wonderful writer. A question on a personal note: If I can get a good copy can I include your picture in my “Celebrate Libraries” series? If so, do you want your full name listed for photo credit? Look forward to hearing from you.

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    1. It is a beautiful place indeed. I am looking forward to reading about ‘Celebrate Libraries’ series. I think Libraries are so important & need to be preserved especially in our digital age. Sure you can include my pictures. In any case it is Arpita Tipnis. πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I was off the site for a few weeks. My husband is very ill and I was both busy and exhausted. Finally got back and so thankful for your permission to use your photo of the National Library of Bhutan. Finished it and posted it today. Please forgive my lateness in responding to you and thank you again.


  2. Phew >> What an amazing find running into your blog. I’ve always wondered what Bhutan is like. Stunning stunning photos. Looking forward to having a really good nose around your blog Arpita. Thanks for the post.


      1. Me too Arpita >> Lovely Blog you have there. I hear that Bhutan is an expensive country to get around. Thanks for following my blog and lok forward to running into you again πŸ™‚


      2. It is sadly. All foreigners have to spend 250$ per day as a rule, which is a bit too much. The king wants to regulate who comes into his country. Doesn’t want Bhutan to turn into a hippie country like Nepal.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Actually I totally agree > Although it’s expensive having been to SE Asia it’s understandable. Preserve your national identity: here here! Thanks for the feedback Arpita


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